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Lawn FertilizationLet our team put the spring back into your lawn with our complete fertilization and weed control program...                             Call ( 708 ) 712-0928
     One of the key factors to having a beautiful lawn is fertilization.  Your lawn requires various elements to be healthy.  Although a majority of these elements are obtainable from the plants’ surrounding environment, help is often required. The secret to having a green lawn lies in providing sufficient lawn fertilizers, which we provide.
Special blend fertilizerOffered exclusively to our Weekly mowing customers.
With Oak's fertilization program you will discover the many advantages of having one company to meet all your lawn needs. 
Each application is timed with your weekly mowing schedule ensuring you receive its full benefit.
Lower application cost since we are already on your lawn weekly.
Oak's program is adjusted to current weather and growing conditions.
Lawn weed sprayingWeed Control for your Lawn
Weed control starts with the first application in the spring. We apply a combination 
product of fertilizer & pre emergent weed control. We may also spray broad leaf
weed control based on your lawn's condition.
Lawn weed control is then applied as often as needed all season long at no additional charge
Weed Control for your Landscape beds
 Keep your landscape weeds under control with an application of our pre emergent weed control for landscape beds. One early spring application of this premium chemical should reduce the amount of weeds in your planting beds substantially.  We use a product similar to Preen but MUCH more effective.  Most customers who use it agree that it is well worth the money. 
Our Program
1  SPRING – Special blend of fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide. Our fertilizer will aid in bringing your lawn out of its winter dormancy. The pre-emergent will protect against crabgrass and fox-tail.
2 LATE SPRING – Balanced fertilizer and broad-leaf weed control. Early season weeds such as, dandelions, clover, hen bit, and chickweed will be controlled. Optional season long grub prevention is also available.
3 SUMMER – Balanced fertilizer and broad-leaf weed control. Summer months produce hard to control weeds. Our special broad-leaf weed control treatment will handle these nuisance weeds.
Optional as needed- Surface insect control as needed. This is the time of year we will watch for and treat destructive insects as they appear.
4 FALL – Balanced fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. This important treatment will aid lawns in recovering from summer heat stress. Special blend of fertilizer to promote root development and aid in an early spring green-up.
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